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Photo © Aubrie LeGault 164 distiller Portland has no shortage of bartenders, it's true. And plenty with great bar acu- men. But to find one who is experienced in spirits and cocktails and also exhibits exceptional service is not always so easy. Lucky for Portland, they have Camille Cavan, the bar manager of Quaintrelle (quaintrelle.co), an airy, seasonal restau- rant in PDX's Boise neighborhood. e knowledgeable Cavan is gracious and laid-back but can craft a refined, bal- anced cocktail. Growing up in Eugene, Oregon, her parents exposed her to wide-ranging, excellent cuisines as far back as she can remember. ey also introduced her to the world via travel, art and good wine. is open-minded, eclectic upbringing shaped her palate and her passions over the years. After living in Boulder, Colorado, for her undergrad, she came home to Eugene and got a job at a Pacific Northwest/ French restaurant working alongside none other than Jeffrey Morgenthaler. As the guy who put Portland on the map in the cocktail world (popularizing bar- rel-aged cocktails globally and opening the hit bar Clyde Common), he schooled Camille on cocktails, product knowledge, flavor profiles and on how to engage and care for guests. Eventually, she moved to Portland to work in another passion: music licensing with new artists. But the service industry continued to call and when the music company divided, she jumped back in on the bar side, working with the likes of Aaron Zieske (former bar manager at Polite Provisions in San Diego, now at Little Bird in PDX). He taught Camille the nuances of making tinctures, bitters, sprays and flips, as well as how to achieve proper dilution or excel with garnishes. She recalls his "unprecedented calming nature behind the bar"—a soothing calm she likewise presents behind her own bar. Over the years, as she ran her first bar program, she became self-taught in menu development and bar technique, all skills and experience that eventually led her to Quaintrelle, which opened mid-2016. CAMILLE CAVAN INTERVIEW [Jeffrey Morgenthaler] schooled Camille on cock- tails, product knowledge, flavor profiles and on how to engage and care for guests. Bar Manager, Quaintrelle by VIRGINIA MILLER

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