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Bill & Randy's Excellent Adventure #2

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Bill and Randy's Excellent Adventure 3 I leave my home for the airport at a reasonable time only to find rush hour traffic extending past its rush hour time. Lakes of water rise in the middle of what were passable streets earlier in the day. My windshield wipers can't seem to dispense with the teeming rain quick enough. Things have slowed significantly. Now, if you have had the pleasure of driving in New Jersey during to what could be described as a Nor'easter, you may associate highway driving to the equivalent of a Grand Prix and demolition derby with other drivers, and an occasional Seeing Eye dog, wearing blindfolds. This was no typical night. Driving was slow. Making my way to the airport through a patchwork of highways and side streets with potholes that have blossomed with the accumulating rain water. I pull over to the side of the road to check on the status of the flight. Perfect. It's on final approach. I decide to wait on the roadside for a few minutes until the tracker says the plane has landed. My cell phone rings. It's Bill. He informs me that the plane has landed and that he's packed light and everything is in his carry-on bag. Also, telling me that he's a fast walker. Good to know. No need to park, I'll just meet him at the arrival's doorway. I don't know about the layout of your city airport but at Newark Liberty International they have three terminals; A, B, and C. Terminal C is typically utilized for international flights. Bill's plane landed at Terminal A at 7:30 p.m. No sweat. It's the first terminal and there's little activity happening. I pull up to the arrivals doorway to the far right of the terminal hoping no one will bother me in a No Standing/No Parking Zone. This will give me the opportunity to easily move forward to another door if Bill happens to come out further down the terminal. Looking through the windshield saturated with rain I hear a "tap, tap, tap" on the passenger side window. "Hey, you can't park here. Keep it moving", a Port Authority police officer notifies me. "But…" I respond, as he says, "Move it, or ticket it". So, I move, VERY slowly. I'm hoping Bill's fast walk can catch up to me before I run out of terminal doorways. He didn't. Hadn't he worn his track shoes on the plane? I begin the loop out of Terminal A thinking I'll take a quick spin around the airport and be right back at the spot I just vacated. That quick spin became bumper to bumper snail mail with the heavy rain and people now trying to reach Terminal C for international flights. Navigating the spaghetti lines of cars and brake lights towards the airport loop was an adventure upon itself. My phone rings several times during the loop around and the caller ID indicates it's Bill. I answer, but he doesn't respond. I think he's butt dialing me. Finally, I get to the outer loop and things start to move and I end up exactly back where I started. I see people coming out of the terminal and a gaggle of cars are now surrounding me. No police officer in sight. Bill calls again. No butt dial this time, it's the real deal. He's outside the doors and finds me in the terminal line hidden behind an oversized Uber vehicle. After exchanging pleasantries, we make our way out of the airport all together. Bill's plane taxiing at Newark International Airport in the rain

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