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Bill & Randy's Excellent Adventure #2

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Bill and Randy's Excellent Adventure 2 Introduction Prior to the National Convention of the American Distilling Institute (ADI) in Baltimore, Maryland, Bill Owens, President of ADI, and Randy Pratt, owner and distiller of the Great Notch Distillery, set off on an 863-mile adventure visiting 20 distilleries and 2 distilling support business's covering three states (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland) and the District of Columbia. This story recounts Bill's and my time on the road, at distilleries, and meeting the interesting people along our adventure. Not to be overlooked during our visits were the amazing craft spirits being distilled. Bill filled a three-ring binder containing an extensive list of distilleries to visit on this trip. Time and distance simply made it impossible to visit everyone listed. Our apologies to those of you we could not visit. Tuesday, March 28 My cell phone rings, I say, "Hello?" "Hi Randy", came the unmistakable voice on the other end of the phone. It was Bill Owens, the President of the American Distilling Institute. "My connecting flight has been delayed in Phoenix. Tell the guys who we were supposed to see tonight we won't make it. My flight won't get in until 10:30. I'll take a cab to the hotel and we'll get a fresh start tomorrow morning at another distillery on the list", answered Bill. I responded, "No Bill, I'll still pick you up so there's no need to take an expensive cab ride and maybe we can get a bite to eat. I'll track your flight online and pick you up at the airport later." With that I hang up and go about my business. As I think about the call and the lousy weather we were having in New Jersey causing the flight delay, I'm thinking, "Wow. That's a long delay in Phoenix. Was Bill calculating east coast time or west coast time?" You see, Bill lives in California and maybe he hadn't thought about the time difference. With that call, it started Bill and Randy's excellent adventure. I contact the guys that would be our first stop on an impressive list of distilleries to visit and apprise them of the situation and not to be disappointed if we couldn't make it. I track Bill's flight on Flightview and see that he's only a half hour delayed assuming I have the correct flight number because none of the numbers Bill gave me matched anything coming out of California, much less Phoenix, Arizona. There was a flight coming out of Copenhagen with the numbers he gave me, but that was just ridiculous. I'm sure he said Phoenix. Newark Airport ahead

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