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34 distiller These Medals are Earned is past February, Le Colonial, in the same historic San Francisco building that formerly housed Trader Vic's, became occupied with international spirits experts to evaluate the best in craft American spirits. Over three days, a bustling staff served flights to five panels comprised of four judges each, who labored over the flights to nose, taste and compare 457 different craft spirits entered by 175 member distilleries. In all, 156 whiskeys, 74 vodkas, 67 gins, 57 rums, 30 moonshines, 25 liqueurs, 15 brandy/eaux de vie and 33 other spirits were entered. For the first time, the ADI judging included cocktail (or non- potable) bitters as a category, using a special methodology to evaluate a spirit that is not generally enjoyed on its own. To reflect this, the bitters were presented to the judges in four ways: straight, diluted in vodka, diluted in club soda, and diluted in a cocktail of simple syrup and vodka. e panels selected 190 spirits for recognition—81 bronze medals, 68 silver medals, 29 gold medals and 9 double-gold medals. Of those, 77 were selected as Best of Category and 12 as Best of Class. e medal designations are awarded strictly on the merits of the spirits and do not represent a first, second or third place ranking. A spirit deserving of a gold medal should receive a gold medal, regardless the other products may have been tasted in the same flight or category. ADI recognizes merit, not simply participation. ough the judges may have chosen the awards, these awards are not given, they are earned. is distinction is important. ese medals are earned by people who risked their savings and livelihood, working hard to make a dream come true. Every one of the distillers on this list created something special that stands out among its peers. is truly is the best of the best. a m e ric a n d ist i l l ing inst i tu t e ' s 9 t h a n nua l judging of craft

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