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214 distiller experiences of distillers who spreadsheets, and first- information to roll up your operating a distillery and and design. And finally, them and what hasn't. mini-workshops on distilling and the dedicated to the growth of The Nano Distillery the future of distilling compiled by the American Distilling Institute Edited by Andrew Faulkner and Brad Plummer The Nano Distillery: The Future of Distilling The American Distilling Institute white Mule press Niche Books for Lovers of Spirits The Craft Maltsters' Handbook Dave Thomas …craft malt is fast becoming the essential, enigmatic ingredient that fills craft beer, craft foods, and craft spirits with color, flavor, strength, personality, and "terroir." The Craft Maltsters' Handbook thomas Dave Thomas spent 32 years in malting and brewing at Coors breweries around the world. He earned an MSc degree in Malting and Brewing at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland with Professor Sir Geoffrey Palmer. Dave now writes for Brewer & Distiller International (London, UK), brews beer at Dostal Alley Brewpub in Central City, Colorado and consults with Ecolab (MN) and several craˆ malthouses, breweries and distilleries in North America. White Mule Press PO Box 577 Hayward, CA 94541 www.whitemulepress.com MALTING FROM A-Z Woe to the maltster, brewer, or distiller who simply treats malt as a commodity ingredient. Understanding the relationships between hydration, food reserves, and enzymes within the cereal grain can make the difference between a good tasting product and a great tasting product. as well as you know your tools you must know your ingredients e role of maltsters, brewers, and distillers was described by H. E. Armstrong (1934) as one of "…fashioning into a scientifically controlled industry, the noble art of converting barley-malt into a wort upon which yeast may feast and ultimately fatten into a beverage with character." Maltsters are making a comeback in the emerging micro-malt industry. Most malthouses in the 19th century began as attachments to breweries and distilleries to ensure their own malt supply. Up until 2010 malting was in the province of a handful of multinational corporations. But, recent interest in craft malting has taken off in the U.S., growing to more than 40 in 2014. And that number is growing as more distillers and brewers are considering the quality and characteristics of their ingredients. THE CRAFT MALTSTERS' HANDBOOK IS YOUR GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING MALT IN THE MALTHOUSE, BREWERY OR DISTILLERY. See our full catalog of over 30 titles online at whitemulepress.com Wholesale prices available, contact: cheers@whitemulepress.com Offers knowledge on how to develop your palate for whisky through taste and smell. Includes information on production, chemical processes and maturation that give each whisky its distinct characteristics. $18/retail A tour book of distilleries includes their history and what makes them unique; including visitor info and places of interest nearby. A valuable resource for travelers to Scotland. $22/retail Rum explores the history of rum as well as detailing the ingredients, equipment and processes used to make rum. Covers rum production from expert distillers who provide technique and recipes. $28/retail Provides an in-depth understanding of the technical and scientific meanings of words and phrases used in malting and is an up-to-date reference on the many types of malts used in brewing and distilling. $25/retail The Nano Distillery: The Future of Distilling reads much like a series of mini workshops on craft distillation and the business of distilling. Chapters on "how-to" and real life experiences provide the reader with the information necessary to start their own distillery. $25/retail

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